Chinese express

YTO express

Yto Express Co., Ltd. (600233) was established on May 28, 2000 and is a subsidiary of Shanghai Yto Dragon Investment Development (Group) Co., Ltd. It is a leading comprehensive express logistics operator in China. With the express delivery service as the core, it provides logistics extension services such as collection and payment, warehouse integration and so on. As of June 2019, YTO Express has 133 transit centers and nearly 70,000 service stations in China.The coverage of the prefecture-level service network in China has reached 100 %,and Chinese county-level cities it has reached 98 %. Up to now ,the company has about 450,000 employees,and deliver more than 26 million packages per day.
The vision of YTO Express is "To be Chinese express ;The world can be touched easily because of us". It always adheres to the core values of "Honest、Innovation、Co- construction、Sharing" .The responsibility is to serve the society and to be power for Chinese development. Yto Express is committed to becoming an integrated express logistics operator and a supply chain integrator what is excellent in world.



圓通速遞的愿景是“中國人的快遞,世界因我們觸手可得”,始終堅持“誠信 創新 共建 共享”核心價值觀,以“服務社會,強企為國”為責任理念,致力于成為全球領先的綜合性快遞物流運營商和供應鏈集成商。

Chinese express

YTO Airlines

As one of the two private express carriers with airlines in China, since the first voyage in 2015, Yto Airlines has successfully set up a network of cargo routes.The network is covering major cities in East China, South China, Southwest China, Northwest China, and North China.A number of international routes have been established between China and Japan, China and South Korea, China and the Philippines, China and Vietnam, China and Thailand, China and Bangladesh, China and Kyrgyzstan,and so on. At present, the number of its own cargo aircraft has reached 12, and the fleet of cargo planes is growing in size.




Security Finance

YTO Financial

Shanghai Yuanyi Finance Leasing Co., Ltd. was established on January 3, 2017.It mainly provides financial leasing and other services to the logistics industry chains. In order to promote the development of franchisees and logistics industry chains.Since its opening, it has invested more than 800 million yuan in financing funds.Provide financial leasing services such as automobiles and equipment for small and medium-sized enterprises in the logistics industry chain to improve their market competitiveness.




Quality Shopping

YTO Retailing

The "on-line + offline" combination model is the core operating system of Yto retail. The names of its "online" and "offline" retail carriers are "Shanghai Yto Xinlong Electronic Business Co., Ltd."and "Yto Mommy Trading Co., Ltd."."Shanghai Yto Xinlong Electronic Business Co., Ltd."uses of mature express network to search for special products from all over the country, and delivers high-quality products to thousands of households through its e-commerce platform what name is"One-City One-Products".
"Yto Mommy Trading Co., Ltd." by combining more than 50,000 express stations across China, open retail outlets, and add more service items(such as "Electricity, water and coal payment service”, “Charging service”and so on).The goal is to become a “Full Service Centre” of community.




Chinese express

YTO Technology

National Engineering Laboratory
In May 2017, it was approved to establish and develop the industry's first logistics information sharing, intelligent equipment, innovative applications, logistics security, green environmental protection and other fields.
Yuanzhi Automation
Established in April 2017, it has undertaken 40 sets of automation equipment construction in 30 transshipment centers. The equipment is exported to Vietnam and South Korea, and maintains high contact with the United States and Germany.
Global container network
Intelligent multimodal transport platform, the future global logistics cloud platform; the first batch of car-free carriers in the country, the Ministry of Communications ranked Shanghai first in 2018; more than 10,000 motor transport lines, 1255 air transport, 300,000 truck drivers;
Yuantong Technology
More than 800 R&D and operation personnel, T3 data center, and new King Kong system, with an annual investment of over 50 million.




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